Selection of the Most Appropriate Plant Oil for Human Health with Priority Estimation

Abstract Plant oils are reproduced from plant resources, which can be found in profusion all-around the world. Plant oils are mainly occurred from triglycerides. The triglyceride molecules are constituted of three types of fatty acids combined at a glycerol juncture. With 0 to 3 double bonds per fatty acid, the most widespread plant oils include fatty acids that alter from 14 to 22 carbon atoms in length. Due to the numerous diverse fatty acids existent, it is obvious that on a molecular level plant oils are created of numerous diverse kinds of triglycerides with many levels of unsaturation. The chemical formula of triglyceride molecules in plant oils varies to a great extent depending on the species. For this reason, the diverse chemical, physical and energy properties of plant oils are significant for use in the foods industry.

The aim of this paper is to select the most proper plant oil in human health by using multi-criteria decision making method. Among plant oil species, the problem of selecting the most proper plant oil is evaluated, using numerous criteria related properties.[Full Text: PDF]


Updated: May 8, 2018 — 8:25 am