Review on Toxicity assessment for carcinogenic soil contaminants

Abstract The production of our food and the quality of our environment are so importantly related to the wide use of the soil, it is very important that all of us know some basic facts and ideas about the soil. We also see that there is much information available on physico-chemical properties of soil but very limited data is available on carcinogens which are present in the soil. Much attention in recent years towards the Environmental pollution has been increased due to heavy metals pollution from agriculture.

Today, use of fertilizers and pesticides are necessary in agriculture to obtain high crop yield. But the most of the farmers using the fertilizers and pesticides in excess amount and unnecessarily due to which adverse effect are seen in the environment. Therefore it is important to aware the farmers about the effect of pesticides and fertilizers because these contains the toxic elements which are harmful to the human beings, animals and plants. That’s why farmers should be identified the structure and chemical content of the soil and then the most appropriate type of fertilizers and pesticides should get selected.

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Updated: May 6, 2017 — 5:45 am