Design of Fast Dissolving Anti-Asthmatic Films Using 23 Factorial Designs

Abstract Fast dissolving films are playing an important role in the current pharmaceutical drug delivery systems. They have convenience and ease of use over solid and liquid dosage forms. In the present research, fast dissolving oral film of terbutaline sulphate were developed using HPMC K15 LV as film forming polymer. The films were prepared by solvent casting method. Optimization of HPMC E15 LV, SSG and PEG-400 was carried out using 23 full factorial designs. The formulated films of terbutaline sulphate were evaluated for their physico-mechanical parameters like disintegration time, tensile strength, percent elongation, folding endurance and In-vitro drug release. Estimation of drug content uniformity of terbutaline sulphate films was performed and the results were satisfactory. Optimized batch F6 has thickness (0.254±0.01mm), disintegration time (19.90±0.42 sec.) tensile strength (2.95±0.09 Mpa), % Elongation (18.95±0.12), Folding endurance (153±7.0), CPR1min 35.16±4.56% and CPR10min 80.29±4.15%.
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Updated: May 6, 2017 — 5:44 am