Drug Abuse and Substance Dependence among Youths in Contemporary Society

Abstract A healthy nation is a wealthy one. One can conclude that a nation full of drug abusers is a nation set for destruction and without labour force for the economic development. Since the youths are future leaders of any nation, problem of youths should become problem of all and the welfare of the youths should be the welfare of all as they constitute the labour strength for the nation that work hard for economic development. A drug free Society is the one with viable workforce. Working age of every country determines the extent of the economic development of the country; hence the Society, Family, School and Worship Centres are expected to mentor, monitor, train and develop the capacity of the youth by building a positive values system. This paper focuses on the concept of drug abuse, types, theories of causes, signs and symptoms, effects, and strategies for counselling.

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Updated: May 4, 2018 — 6:11 am