Comparable effects of the different extracts of the same plants on blood pressure and vascular tone

Abstract Many people have suffered from hypertension and comorbid diseases for long years. Before the discovery of antihypertensive drugs, plants were used in folk medicine to treat hypertension. Nowadays, sufferers still prefer medical plants versus drugs. Furthermore, researchers focus on herbal drugs. There are lots of researches about plants which are used for cardiovascular diseases both traditionally and currently. In this review, we will focus on hypotensive/vasorelaxant plant extracts which exhibit different or similar effects based on their distinct extracts prepared with several solvents. The aim of the review is that to provide researchers be taken into account this property at their studies. In this way, scientific researches about plants are conducted truly and effective therapies are ensured effortlessly.

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Updated: May 7, 2018 — 9:35 am