Assessment of Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Hypertensive Patients towards the Non-Medical Management of Hypertension in Bishoftu General Hospital, 2016

Abstract The overall objective of this study was to assess the knowledge, attitude and practice of hypertensive patients towards the non-medical management of hypertension in Bishoftu General Hospital. A cross sectional study was conducted in Bishoftu General Hospital. Study was conducted on 281 hypertensive patients, out of which 114 males and 167 females were participated. Among total respondents, 72.27% have good knowledge, 68.32% have good attitude and 61.39% have good practice. 86.14% of them know foods that are restricted for hypertensive patients, the rest (13.86%) don’t know and (64.36%) of them took balanced diet, however (35.64%) respondents do not take balanced diet. The finding of this study shows that, 45-49 age groups are most dominant. The dominant Ethnic groups are Oromo and most of them follow Orthodox religion. The marital status of the population was married. Literate people are much greater than illiterate and Merchants are the dominant ones. The majority of the population gets 401-800 Birr per month and most of them live in urban area.

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