The Pharmacological and Toxicological Effects of Coronilla varia and Coronilla scorpioides: A Review

Abstract Coronilla varia and Coronilla scorpioides were the species of Coronilla grown in Iraq. They contained many pharmacologically active metabolites. Coumarins (scopoletin, daphnoretine, umbelliferon), cardiotonic glycosides (deglucohyrcanoside, hyrcanoside),   a toxic constituent, β-nitropropionic acid and potent neurotoxin, were also isolated from Coronilla varia. Coronilla scorpioides  produced several compounds included cardenolide glycoside (hyrcanoside, hyrcanogenine, coronillin, corotoxigenin, frugosid, glucocorotoxigenin, scorpioside, and coronillobioside), hydroxycoumarins (umbelliferone, scopoletin and daphnoretin), dihydro-furanocoumarin marmesin, and the furocoumarin psoralen.  The previous pharmacological studies revealed that Coronilla varia possessed cardiac, antimicrobial, insecticidal and cytotoxic effects; while Coronilla scorpioides induced cardiac effects. This review will cover the pharmacological and toxicological effects of Coronilla varia and Coronilla scorpioides.

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Updated: May 6, 2017 — 9:31 am