Latest Technologies for Arsenic Removal in Drinking Water

Abstract Arsenic contamination in drinking water is an issue worldwide, which have caused massive impacts on human health. Various countries have reported to have high amount of arsenic in their drinking water i.e. Canada, United States, Chile, Bolivia, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Slovenia, Mexico, Bangladesh, India and others. People in rural areas rely on ground water for drinking purposes so removing arsenic from ground water is a significant challenge. In case of drinking water treatment where the requirement is to reduce few parts per billion the technologies have various limitation and prospects. This paper reviews latest technologies of arsenic treatment (coagulation, sorptive process, adsorption, oxidation, membrane process, biological process, emerging techniques). The technologies should meet basic technical criteria for its implication, the biggest challenge is to apply these technologies in setting where arsenic is high in amount and saving the community by promoting safe drinking water.

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Updated: May 7, 2017 — 3:33 pm