A study of bioaccumulation of heavy metals on selected vegetables grown in keteren-gwari mechanic village, minna metropolis, Nigeria

Abstract The concentration of some heavy metals were determined in farm soil and vegetable samples of spinach (Amaranthu sspinosus) and water leaf (Talinum triangulare) collected around the mechanic village at Keteren-Gwari, Minna metropolis, Niger State Nigeria during the dry season. Metal concentration in both soil and vegetable samples were determined using Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy (AAS) (Buck Scientific 210VGB). Results from soil analysis showed mean values of 3661.5±16.25 for Fe, 13.75±0.03 Cu; 41.25±2.48 Zn; 6.25±0.71 Cr. The results for vegetable samples showed that spinach accumulated metals more in the leaves while waterleaf accumulated highest in the roots. Concentration for Fe ranged from 138±11.31-532±16.97; 6.00±1.41-13.25±1.06 Cu; 50.50±3.54-133.0±4.24 Zn; 1.5±0.71-6.0±0.71 Cr. Both vegetables are however good for studying heavy metal uptake and accumulation by plants. The high levels of some of these heavy metals place the consumers of these vegetable crops grown within the study area at health risk with time unless an urgent step is taken by relevant agencies in address this issue.

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 4:48 pm