Evaluation of in vitro anti-inflammatory potential of the methanolic extract Clematis buchaniana plant

Abstract The main goal of the present study was to evaluate the in-vitro anti-inflammatory activity of the methanolic extract of Clematis buchaniana plant. For this purpose the entire aerial parts of Clematis buchaniana were extracted by soxhelation in methanol. Then the solvent was evaporated to dryness in order to yield the dried crude extract of Clematis buchaniana. Then the extract was subjected to preliminary phytochemical screening in order to determine the active constituents for effective pharmacological activity.  In-vitro anti-inflammatory activity was evaluated by using protein denaturation model in the albumin of fresh chicken’s egg. Methanolic extract was found to be more potent when compared with the control.

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 4:09 pm