Evaluation of Fitness Equipment in Parks: Case of Antalya City

Abstract Throughout the centuries, humankind used to use own body to work. Today with the technologic development and its opportunities, people become inactive. Because of that most of the countries consider “supporting activeness” as a government policy.

Exercise is the basic component of healthy life. Today people exercise for healthy life, losing weight, to feel energetic etc. Even some people exercise in private gymnasiums, huge amount of people exercise by using fitness equipment in public parks. Fitness equipment is preferred due to easy access, being free and can be used any time of the day. Fitness equipment is placed in landscape projects these days and highly demanded in public parks. On the other hand, even fitness equipment is aimed for healthy life; several health problems can be occurred due to unconscious and wrong use of them such as physical injury and disablement. These problems open fitness equipment for discussion.

This study includes the evaluation of fitness equipment by using experts’ and users’ preferences. A questionnaire form is used to get users preferences and several discussions are organized with the experts.At the end of the study, it’s revealed that people consider fitness equipment to be beneficial to human health by the rate of %84. Also it’s found that some problems can be occurred due to wrong and unconscious use of fitness equipment.

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 5:02 pm