Standard Operating Procedure for Drug Information and Resource Center in a Tertiary Institution

Abstract Pharmacists now need a higher level of competence in other to meet drug information needs of their clients. The objective of this article was to map out the Standard Operating Procedure in the establishment of a drug information and resource center (DIRC) in a State University in Nigeria. The main functions will be provision of drug information services, medication counseling, professional training and other related activities. Those to operate the DIRC will require specific training in communication skills, knowledge of literature resources and dissemination skills. The requirements for the center include infrastructure, staff structure and funds. Drug information sources will comprise tertiary, secondary and primary literatures. Drug information is a fine-tuning channel to getting to a zero defect in medication error. Therefore, competence and co-operation among all health care professionals in the facility are needed to make a success of the project.

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 4:12 pm