Phytochemical Investigation of Extracts of Ziziphus nummularia (Burm. F. Wight & Arn) Leaves and Fruits

Abstract Hydro-alcoholic extraction of leaves and fruits of Ziziphus nummularia were prepared by Soxhlet and Maceration Method. Phytochemical Screening was performed for both of the extracts. Extract were also analyzed by FT-IR and HPLC. The phytochemical screening of various extracts showed the presence of a Flavonoids, glycosides, tannins, Phenolic compounds and Saponins, whereas protein and amino acid are absent in the leaf extract of Z. nummularia. However the Saponins are present in leaf extract and are absent in fruit extract of Z. nummularia. Among all the extracts, Ziziphus nummularis Fruit Maceration (ZNFM) shows highest quantity of quercitin in HPLC analysis.

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Updated: May 7, 2017 — 3:07 pm
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