Comparative Analysis of the Pharmacological Attributes of Moringa Oleifera and Acacia Nilotica

Abstract Series of research carried out in the area of pharmacognosy has led to identification of numerous medicinal plants. Morienga olifiera and Acacia nolitica are two highly nutritive plants with vast pharmacological properties. These plants are abundantly available in virtually all tropical and some sub-tropical countries. The medicinal properties of these two plants have not been fully studied in detail, hence, utilizing their full potentials in the main stream global orthodox medication is far from been achieved. In this review, we have put together a host of pharmacological activities of both plants, while analyzing their comparative advantages of their respective properties. There medicinal properties includes: anti-ulcer, anti-inflammatory, anti-epileptic, anti-bacterial, Analgesic, hepatoprotective, to mention a few. Also highlighted are the various parts of the plants namely leaves, stem, bark, route and their corresponding pharmacological properties providing interested researchers with useful information regarding the specific pharmacological activities elicited by extracts of the various parts. In conclusion, both Morienga oliefera and Acacia nolitica are suggested to possess similar pharmacological activities.

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Updated: April 26, 2017 — 5:01 pm