Volume 2 Issue 4 2015

The effectiveness of coconut shell activated carbon on the adsorption of heavy metal using different activating agent
Ali L Yaumi, Bintu G Mustafa, Umar A Isah, Gutti Babagana, Faith A Ojih
Page No. 1-7

Risk assessment of dengue outbreak using geographic information system (GIS) in Rawalpindi
Sheikh S. Ahmad, Saman Atiq, Saman Javed, Amna Butt, Summra Erum
Page No. 8-15

Buccal films: Design and in vitro characterization
Udichi Kataria, Chandraprakash Jain
Page No. 16-26

An Assessment and Documentation of Conventional Medico-Botanical Knowledge of Indigenous Communities Around Chichawatni Plantation Reserved Forest
Arifa Zereen, Zaheer U.D. Khan, Andleeb A Sardar
Page No. 27-35

Proximate and mineral content analysis of inflorescence of Parkia biglobosa (jacq): A potential multipurpose tree species
Ojo PA, Olaifa KA, Odewo SA, Agbeja AO, Ogundana SA
Page No. 36-39

Anti inflammatory effect of polymer oxide nanocrystals in aqueous solution
Ahmed MN Darweesh, Nawzad KH Omar
Page No. 40-44

Microbial quality of drinking water from traditional tank of rainwater at rural area of Morocco (Safi region)
Aziz F, Achtak H, Ouahmane L, Bouyatas M, El-Fadeli S, Farissi M, Dahbi A
Page No. 45-53

Modified bradford assay method of protein quantification utilising dye reagents from four Nigerian plants
SO Okeniyi, J Ogbodobri, AO Oyedeji, PE Omale, MM Adeyemi, S Garba, JA Lori
Page No. 54-63